Collection: The Stickered Leather collection

The Stickered Leather collection weaves a tapestry of graphic design and Renaissance art, fusing logos and timeless masterpieces on the steadfast canvas of unbleachable leather. Even when traditional bleaching techniques falter, Bleached Renaissance triumphs, transforming the unimaginable into a reality within the Bleached realm. From meticulously curating the designs to preparing them for heat pressing, each piece is crafted with an experimental and unprecedented approach. Once the heat press sears the designs into the leather, there is no undoing—no CTRL + Z. Each type of leather responds uniquely to the heat and transfer foil, resulting in distinctive textures and characters. The process may scar the fabric, but it imbues it with unparalleled depth and personality.

  • Kyara

    Stickered Cocktail Dress

    Stickered Heels

    Stickered Lacquer Long Gloves

    Stickered Shoulder Bag

  • Sinclaer

    Stickered Jacket (#2)

    Bleached Recipe Tee

    Stickered Pants (#2)

    Stickered Gloves

  • Hana

    Stickered Crop Top Jacket

    Stickered Bikini Top

    Stickered Purse

    Stickered Knee-High Heels

  • Bobby

    Stickered Jacket

    Stickered Pants (#3)

    Stickered Tote Bag

    Stickered Gloves

  • Nelly

    Stickered Cropped BR Zipper Vest

    Stickered Trench Coat (#1)

    Stickered Pants (#1)

  • Emre

    Stickered Trench Coat #2

    Stacked Jeans (Black)

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