"Unable to wield a needle, my mind ventured into reshaping garments through a different avenue: the art of textile bleaching. By infusing fabrics with bleach, a metamorphosis unfolds, transmuting pigmented hues to pure white and unraveling the essence of color. This process not only affects textiles; it mirrors a broader phenomenon of transformation, symbolizing the alteration of existing entities. Rooted in the Bleached vision is the profound insight that to attain fresh perspectives, we must recalibrate our encounters, just as bleaching unveils newfound vibrancy by shedding the old."


    "From graphic design immersion to a Renaissance masterpiece, my first edit of the painting "Goethe In The Roman Campagna" took on a radical transformation. With the essence of its era and a heavy dose of hip-hop and urban influence, the canvas morphed into a fusion of history and street culture. Think sneakers, drugs, money, graffiti, and tattoos seamlessly converging in a daring visual remix."

    - Emre Yasar, founder & creative

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